25 acres, three under vine
in Canyonleigh, Southern Highlands, NSW

equal Pinot Gris D1V7, Pinot Noir 115 & 777 clones
small batch wines from our tiny, single vineyard
Our absolutely terrific viticulturalist, Paul Quirico, has worked with us right from the start. We met over ten years ago now, when we found a block of land we absolutely loved in Canyonleigh. It’s about half way between the Sydney CBD and Canberra, in the Southern Highlands wine sub-region, an emerging cool climate wine-growing region, and PQ is a cool climate specialist!

So, samples of the sandy loam soil were sent away for testing and data on the area’s climatic conditions was analysed; Canyonleigh is actually situated on the dryer western rim of the Southern Highlands, so summers are typically warm, dry and sunny. The high elevation was a factor too, and surveyors were called in to help us establish the best possible vineyard layout to capitalise on the cool nights and the low rainfall.

We chose varieties that would be ideal for the terroir – three clones: Pinot Gris 117, the more traditional Pinot Noir 115 and the newer Pinot Noir 777 – just an acre of each. Site preparation was done, and then the trellising, before the rootstock was planted in two blocks – rather obviously called the “top block” and the “bottom block”.

Almost everything is done by hand: winter pruning, bunch thinning and canopy management during the growing season, and autumn picking, with the grapes reaching our winemaker as untouched as possible. The result of all of this research and planning, our focus on quality and the hard work, is every grower’s dream: fruit that truly expresses the terroir, with each year different from the others.


Capanno – Italian for ‘shed’